Exercise Mate is an exercise system that enables its users to track thier workouts, measure their progress and more. This project started out as a senior project while attaining my masters degree from the Polytechnic University of NYU. The idea itself came from a few talented people in the ISIS department, namely Emir Dirik, Umut Topkara, and Nasir Memon. I worked on the idea and developed the initial Android application. From there we expanded it to handle video based exercise instructions as well as the server side, which is used to store the exercise data. We also had more features added to the sytem by Meng Zhang.

We are thrilled to now provide this system to the open source community and we hope that you may find this usefull for you. Use the links links on the right to get started with Exercise Mate. Or for a demo of the server side of things login now.

About Open source

Of benefit to users, Open Source software is licensed so you can download and use the software free-of-charge. The source code for this software is made available free-of-charge, you (or a programmer you hire) can make changes to this software to better meet your needs, and you can release your changed code back to the community passing the benefit on to other users.

The exact license terms used by this project are on the project summary page.